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Pass command line arguments to perl in EPIC

I am really getting more and more involved to EPIC now a days for editing my perl programs as it has lots of killer features.I would say if you will use this you will really get addicted to it.Already I have discussed about the EPIC INTEGRATION WITH ECLIPSE . Before three days I had a nightmare in finding a solution in eclipse.The question was

Can we pass command line argument in EPIC?

I searched in google but not found any relevant topic.Then after going through the documentation of EPIC given in their website I got some clue and after some R&D I found out how to do.If you are facing the same problem please follow the following steps to pass command line argument in EPIC.

Step-1:Open Eclipse and write your program and save it using some name.For me its

Run–>Run Configurations as shown in fugure 1

Figure-1:Run command tool in EPIC

Step-2:Afer running the configuration you will get a screen like the below image.

Figure-2: EPIC Run tool configuration window

Here myproject name in testperl and file name is which will varry on your case.

Step-3:Now navigate to the Arguments tab and add your argument shown in figure-3

Figure-3:Argument passing window in EPIC

In my case I need to pass a filename as argument which is “abc.txt” .Keep in mind to provide the arguments under program arguments only.Now click on Apply and then click on Run.

Step-4:-Now you should be able to get your desired output.